Friday, February 7, 2014

Leopold plays Sniff and Find!

Here's another game I like to play with Leopold. The premise is easy enough. I hide treats under and in things. Leopold uses his sniffer to find them! I like to hide them in different ways to try and challenge Leopold mentally.

***WARNING*** this game is NOT for dogs that will eat pieces of fabric or paper or toys.  Also, as always, its important to supervise your dog when playing with things they could potentially swallow (whether on accident or on purpose).

Here how I hid some of the treats:
in the nook of a toy monster ball

inside a paper tube

under a piece of fleece
between the layers of a folded over stuffingless polar bear

under an down-turned Kong toy

under a well-loved fabric dog frisbee
(made by Kate Butler, click here for a post on her awesome toys)

Leopold sits staring at the landscape of hidden treats:

here's Leopold searching for treats.  Not every toy or piece of fleece has a hidden treat!

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