About the author:

My name is Laura.
I live with my husband (Chris), son (Caleb), and two dogs (Leopold and Halo).
I try to live my life by the simple principle of being good: good to myself, good to other people, and good to the Earth and all its creatures.
To me, part of that means being a responsible pet owner and taking the time to learn the best way to incorporate a pet in my life.  I grew up with pocket pets of all sorts and a family dog (Max).  After I left home, when I finally felt I had enough time and money to devote to a dog of my own, I adopted Leopold from a shelter.  He was ten weeks new to the world.  That is really where this all begins.

About the blog:

I named this blog after Leopold because he's the first puppy I've raised on my own and the first dog I've owned by myself.  His presence in my life has been and continues to be a great journey of learning.   Halo was added to my life along the way, and I learn new things from her presence as well.  I also learn from the experiences I have with the other dogs that cross my life path, whether it be through friends, volunteering at shelters and a vet clinic, working at a pet shop, or working at a veterinary emergency clinic.

The knowledge I've gleaned from sharing my life with Leopold and dogs in general is the inspiration for this blog.
Because being a dog owner can get tough.
The canine world, and pet world in general, is full of differing opinions, differing advice, differing philosophies--sometimes coming from very ardent and demanding voices.  I've spend much time wading through all the information and stories out there, filtering out the crap, and have come to some conclusions about dog ownership.
I do not have all the answers yet; I am still wading, still filtering, but I feel that I am honing in on what I believe to be good ways to keep my dogs happy and healthy.

I decided to call this blog "Leopold's Crate" because a crate is supposed to be a safe location for a dog--a small area that a dog can call its very own.  I want this blog to be a safe place of learning.
I've had issues along my dog-owning journey, and I'm positive others have as well.  My hope is that sharing my experiences will help other dog owners improve their own experiences.

For the original (and somewhat long-winded, but maybe more soulful) "about" post, click here.

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